Rain Harvesting & Filtration

Collected rain water is a perfect way to reduce your dependance on mains supply water.

Everything from washing clothes and dishes to bathing and flushing toilets requires large amounts of water. Rainwater can be used for all of these things. Rainwater is soft and can lessen the need for detergents when washing clothes and dishes. Rainwater can also be used for washing vehicles, bathing pets, and nearly all cleaning that uses water.

Waterworks offers a full range of tanks and water processing systems.

From large full scale tanks for maximum capture to slim line easy fit residential. We can design, supply and install any format. Works include excavation and site preparation.

Talk to our team today to see if one of our  rain harvesting  solutions works for you.

  • Toilet and laundry needs
  • Reduced dependance on mains supply
  • Normally no resource consent required
  • Minimal set-up costs
  • Washing Vehicles

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