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Bester Irrigation & Services can supply you with high-quality solutions using products from leading international manufacturers no matter what the type, size or scale of your project.

Our goal is to help you be wise with water – and helping you choose the right product for the job is what we do best.


Residential Services

BIS are experts in irrigation technology. Our vast experience, technical expertise and leading international product range, means we will have the ideal solution for you. We work to understand your exact needs, location, soil type and climate before designing and installing an irrigation system for you. 

Residential Irrigation

A professionally designed automated irrigation system is the most efficient way to deliver your watering requirements. From large sports field solutions to residential lawn  Pop up sprinklers to micro garden sprinklers we have it all.

Rain Harvesting

Collected rain water is a perfect way to reduce your dependence on mains supply water. Waterworks offers a full range of tanks and water processing systems.

Water Purification

Make every drop off water the most delicious, clean and healthy drinking water possible with one of our water purification systems. From an under the sink system to full spec multi phase UV filtration.

Pool & Pump Maintenance

We can assist with all your swimming pool needs including pool pumps & sand filters

Water Boring

If you’re looking to construct a well Waterworks can oversee the entire process. From consent, drilling, lab testing and pumping and filtration.

Outdoor Lighting

Enhance your outdoor living with outdoor lighting, accentuate the beauty of your garden, illuminate external paths or add atmosphere and detail to transform your outdoor spaces

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